Alec Baldwin on Acting: Weird, Unusual, Difficult

Alec Baldwin on Acting: Weird, Unusual, Difficult

Alec Baldwin on Acting: Weird, Unusual, Difficult

While someone was tweeting man-junk from Rep. Anthony Weiner”s account on May 27, another New Yorker was dipping his toes into the world of Twitter for the first time. Welcome, Alec Baldwin! Color us (whatever color) giddy (is) now that we can ramble along with Jack Donaghy as he glides through security at nasty airports, troubleshoots boat problems, banters with his broham Daniel and, just today, laments the weirdness of being an actor.
“Movie making is weird,” he began on Thursday morning. “Weird to spend hours essentially living other people”s lives.” He quickly realized the curiousness of this statement, adding it “doesn”t make it any less unusual or difficult at times.”

He then alluded to his long-documented desire to get out of the acting business in the not-too-distant future. “Some in my business would rather live it onscreen than in real life,” he said on Thursday. “The older I get, I want the opposite.”

Later he labeled acting an “unusual” job. “Sometimes, a bit of art may fly in the window. Now and then.”

The “Hunt for Red October” actor started his Twitter life on May 27, and tweeted about the last huzzah at literary hangout, Elaine”s, which closed the night before. “Closing of Elaine”s last night. No Elaine, so no Elaine”s. Lot of booze, though.”

After noting he was “shy,” he was off to the races in the following days. His tweets were about the long holiday weekend, his anger that Jared Lee Loughner was ruled unfit for trial in the Tucson shootings and he even gave his desert island picks. 1. Recordings by Charles Dutoit with the Montreal or Philadelphia Symphonies; 2. The New Yorker magazine; 3. “Dickens Yeats Shakespeare The Bible Books and more books.”

On May 30, he offered praise to the TSA agents at the airport that Donald Trump has called “Third World … dirty …. disgusting.”

“TSA at La Guardia. Charming. Patient. Respectful. Like Oddjob in a Bond film.” He later informed his followers that his flight was cancelled.

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