"Apprentice" Spy: Star Got Own Dressing Room; Jose and Dionne "Bad Sports"

“Apprentice” Spy: Star Got Own Dressing Room; Jose and Dionne “Bad Sports”

The wildest season of “Celebrity Apprentice” is over, but don”t think for a second that the drama, the name-calling and the animosity between Star Jones and the other ladies of the show is over. Insiders tell me that you could feel the bad blood behind the scenes of the finale.

“Backstage at the final live episode all the women were in one dressing room and all the men were in another, except for Star, who needed her own room,” a backstage insider tells me. “I”m not sure if she was being a diva or if she was scared to be around NeNe, Lisa and La Toya after what she did to them.”
My source reveals that La Toya, Lisa and NeNe just totally ignored Star, which helps to explain the body language of Star and Jackson in the official cast photo (above).

“They didn”t make eye contact and didn”t say a word to her backstage,” my backstage spy tells me. “Trust me, if they never saw her again it would be too soon.”

John Rich went on to win this season in a finale that was broadcast live Sunday from the Jack. H Skirball Center in NYC, with all but three of this season”s original contestants attending.

“Richard Hatch is in prison, but Jose Canseco and Dionne Warwick just didn”t show up,” a past contestant tells me. “No one mentioned why they didn”t show but all I can think is, they must be bad sports. Dionne made a lot of enemies on the show and probably didn”t want to see them again.”


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