Branding Capri Anderson: How She"s Handling the Charlie Sheen Scandal

Branding Capri Anderson: How She"s Handling the Charlie Sheen Scandal

Branding Capri Anderson: How She
Charlie Sheen claims in his lawsuit against Capri Anderson (aka Christina Walsh) that she is extorting him for money and for the chance to get famous. A few years ago we would have scoffed at the idea of a woman sleeping with a more famous man to achieve celebrity. These days it has become old hat.

Using the mattress as a springboard to fame has become big business in the past twelve months. In fact we are approaching the first anniversary of the genesis of the brand mistress business model: the day Tiger Woods opened a Pandora”s box of fame-seeking strumpets when he crashed his SUV into a tree over last year”s Thanksgiving holiday. Thanks for that Tiger.

Walsh”s team is already tweaking their strategy to show their client in the best possible light. It goes even beyond discarding the ridiculous moniker, Capri.

A source inside one of the news organizations Walsh negotiated with to tell her story on air (she eventually went with ABC) tell us that the porn star initially asked to be paid a base fee of $75,000 to give her side of the story along with her text messages and photos from the evening she spent with Sheen. We are told that when reputable news houses balked at paying to play Walsh and her team backed off the number and agreed to settle for payment of standard travel costs.

That was a smart decision in the team”s strategy to extend Anderson”s fifteen minutes of fame and re-brand the porn star.
“I believe her lawyer talked her into the straight and narrow and said if you do a show like “Entertainment Tonight” you will never be taken seriously whereas if you go down the road of a serious news outlet and forego the money on the front end you will do better on the back end,” our network source who dealt with the Walsh camp told us.

Keith Davidson, the attorney now representing Walsh told us that if the $75,000 figure was floated, it was not under his watch.

“If indeed anyone attempted to arrange a paid appearance for Ms. Walsh, they had no authority to do so and Ms. Walsh had no knowledge of any such attempts. Ms. Walsh appeared before a national television audience on ABC”s Good Morning America because that is and has been her favorite morning show for years. She was glad and relieved to finally tell the truth about what happened on October 26th, 2010,” Davidson told PopEater.

Walsh is following the Oksana Grigorieva business model. It keeps you famous, but the long-term payoff has yet to be determined.

If it is fame Walsh is seeking she may have been better off keeping her trap shut for even longer, emulating Tiger Woods” mistress number one, Rachel Uchitel, who by staying silent for months on end has been able to parlay her romp with the golfer into a stint on the show “Extra” and on several reality television offers.

“I don”t think Capri Anderson will become more famous than she already is at this point. She”s had her 15 minutes of fame but they will not extend to 30, unless she makes it bigger in the porn world,” says Bonnie Fuller, Editor-in-Chief of HollywoodLife. “I don”t see her crossing over into mainstream fame. Capri and most of Tiger”s mistresses are simply too unsavory for most women and men to relate to, or to sympathize or empathize with.”

Re-branding Capri Anderson-Christina Walsh into someone palatable for mass consumption will require good timing, a slow news cycle and a little bit of fairy dust. We say never say never.Follow Jo on Twitter


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