Camille Grammer Files Own Petition for Sole Custody

Camille Grammer Files Own Petition for Sole Custody

Camille Grammer Files Own Petition for Sole Custody
The custody fight between “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Camille Grammer and ex-husband Kelsey Grammer is starting to get nasty. Camille filed for sole physical custody of their two children on Thursday less than a month after Kelsey did the same — and now the battle is on.

According to Us Weekly, the reality star claims Kelsey”s custody petition was “done in order to create a false impression to the media and to wrongfully disparage her,” adding that he acted “in bad faith.”

Kelsey”s filings for sole custody would move the kids, Mason, 9, and Jude, 6, to Chicago, where he resides with his new wife, Kayte Walsh. Camille would have time with the children for half of their summer and winter school breaks — an agreement that does not sit well with the Bravo star.
“The children have routines, school, friends and are surrounded by people they know and love,” the source told PopEater. “To move them across the country to spend time with their dad and his new wife, whom they hardly know, and nannies while their father is working makes no sense at all.”

Camille also claims the arrangement would not work due to Jude”s summer tutoring program and Mason”s L.A.-based summer camp.

However, TMZ is reporting that Camille filed a sole custody petition of her own because of Kelsey”s proposal to split the children up. He suggested Mason live with Camille in Los Angeles and Jude live with him in Chicago and attended private school.

Camille, obviously not happy with the proposal, has taken matters into her own hands, filing a petition on Thursday with the hopes of gaining sole physical custody of the children.


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