Camille Grammer"s Rep: Kids Don"t Want to Live With Kelsey

Camille Grammer”s Rep: Kids Don”t Want to Live With Kelsey

Camille Grammer

As if it wasn”t enough that Kelsey Grammer dumped his ex-wife Camille when he was working in New York while she was home in California looking after the kids, but now the remarried “Frasier” star has opened a tense battle for custody of their children. Well, I”m told that the kids are not interested in moving in with dear old dad.

“The children are at home with Camille where they want to be,” Camille”s publicist Howard Bragman tells me. And if Kelsey thinks they will be joining him any time soon he needs to think again.
“He is angry that she didn”t walk away from the marriage without a fight,” an insider close to the former couple tells me. “Kelsey is used to getting what he wants, when he wants it. He is incredibly rich and powerful and doesn”t like being told no. But after years of being in his shadow Camille has had enough. When it comes to her children she will fight for what”s best for them.”

Kelsey is now in Chicago with his wife Kayte Walsh where he is filming his new series, “Boss,” and has just filed for sole custody of daughter Mason, 9, and son Jude, 6.

The custody filing requests that the kids be allowed to live with their mom for half of their summer and winter school breaks, but that for the rest of the year they”re with their dad, who moved to NYC last year.

The family insider calls that request ludicrous and unrealistic, seeing as Camille is and will remain based in Los Angeles.

“The children have routines, school, friends and are surrounded by people they know and love,” the source tells me. “To move them across the country to spend time with their dad and his new wife, whom they hardly know, and nannies while their father is working makes no sense at all.”

A rep for the actor told PEOPLE that “The filing speaks for itself” but my source says Kelsey should “stop being so selfish and do what”s right for his family not him.”


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