Carla Bruni Is Pregnant, Says Sarkozy"s Father

Carla Bruni Is Pregnant, Says Sarkozy"s Father

Carla Bruni Is Pregnant, Says Sarkozy
According to a German newspaper, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and First Lady Carla Bruni are expecting their first child as a couple, as reported by Reuters. Although speculation that the model, singer and actress may be with child has been in the air for some time, Sarkozy”s father was the one to spill the beans.

“The two do not want to know the gender in advance, but I”m sure it will be a girl and as beautiful as Carla,” the French President”s father, Pal Sarkozy, told Bild.

During a television appearance on Monday, Bruni, 43, was filmed wearing concealing, loose-fitting clothing. The host of the French TV program promised not to touch on Bruni”s personal life but congratulated the Italian beauty, eliciting laughter from the mother-to-be.
Some are even speculating that Bruni may be carrying twins due to her ever-growing midsection. And although Sarkozy”s office refused to comment on the rumors, Bruni”s mother, Marisa Bruni Tedeschi, isn”t staying mum. She insinuated to the Italian La Stampa newspaper that the couple may be expanding their family.

Bruni has one son, Aur


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