Danny McBride Wanted "Your Highness" to Look as Slick as "Harry Potter"

Danny McBride Wanted "Your Highness" to Look as Slick as "Harry Potter"

Danny McBride Wanted You might know Danny McBride from “Eastbound & Down” or “Pineapple Express” or … nothing. That”ll probably change after “Your Highness” hits this weekend.

The medieval stoner comedy stars McBride — who also wrote the film — alongside Hollywood staples James Franco and Natalie Portman.

In a new GQ magazine profile by Alex Pappademas, McBride says he made the right choice to focus on writing this time around. “Totally. Get rid of all the f***in” fluff. Keep it street. Just me and my word processor.”

As far as how the odd comedy came to be, McBride says two thoughts were present: “What if I was in the Middle Ages fighting dragons and getting stoned all the time” and “We were like, “Let”s make the movie that we would have died to see when we were 13 years old.”"

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On Your Highness” niche audience: “It”s just more interesting to us to make the f***in” weird, crazy movies that maybe some people go see.”

On pitching “Eastbound & Down” to HBO with the help of Will Ferrell: “We could have sneezed and those guys could have said we were funny and they”d have picked the show up.”

On making a big budget stoner movie with “Your Highness”: “We love “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” and how they approached not having the budget of a big movie. But David”s whole idea [for "Your Highness"] was that the joke would be that it”s not low-budget. We wanted to make it look as much like “Harry Potter” or “Clash of the Titans” as we possibly could, because that would make the joke that much better. “Monty Python” did the low-budget version, and they killed it. You don”t want to step on territory that other people have done amazingly. It”s like, where”s our place on the dance floor”

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