David Arquette Not Upset By Courteney"s Vacation With Co-Star

David Arquette Not Upset By Courteney"s Vacation With Co-Star

David Arquette Not Upset By Courteney Just a few weeks ago, Courteney Cox was spotted in the Caribbean with “Cougar Town” co-star Josh Hopkins. But David Arquette claims the news didn”t upset or surprise him.

“We”re best friends,” Arquette said on Ryan Seacrest”s KIIS-FM radio show Monday morning. “We”re not together. We”re still separated.”

“And you know, there [are] horrible articles right now. She went away to St. Bart”s with Coco and her best friend and Josh from the show, and I know about all of this,” he said. “But these tabloids make it like there”s some kind of scandal going on. But there”s no scandal.”

In fact, the “Scream 4″ actor revealed that he met up with Cox and their daughter Coco in Florida for a quick visit to Walk Disney World just a few days after her trip to the Caribbean. “We”re really honest and open,” he said. “Our relationship right now is actually better than ever.”
Arquette also confessed to Seacrest the reason behind their separation: “we both took a moment to look at our relationship and if we were happy… and it was time for us to ask some questions, and for me, I used it as a bad time to kind of act out and shake my world up because I was heart broken, you know”

“I dealt with it the way I had to, because I believe in learning from our mistakes, and I went where I had to go to come back and look at myself and my life, and really take a hard look at my personality and my flaws…” he added.


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