Did Cee-Lo Storm Off Stage at Coachella, After Getting Cut Off?

Did Cee-Lo Storm Off Stage at Coachella, After Getting Cut Off?

Did Cee-Lo Storm Off Stage at Coachella, After Getting Cut Off?
Day 1 of Coachella did not end without drama. Helping get the popular California music festival underway, Cee-Lo arrived late at his main-stage gig to face a throng of hot, impatient fans.

According to the Los Angeles Times, he told the crowd he only had 20 minutes to perform, and luckily, he was able to get through his smash hit “F— You” during his abbreviated Friday afternoon set. But suddenly, midway through his next song, a cover of Journey”s “Don”t Stop Believing,” his sound was cut.

Time was up and, clearly annoyed, Cee-Lo left the stage. Some confused fans reportedly thought a technical glitch was to blame, but soon realized that the plug was pulled on the singer intentionally.
On the other hand, Lauryn Hill (who recently penned an open apology for making fans wait at an Atlanta tour stop) was allegedly late for her Coachella set by at least 20 minutes, and many thought she”d be the next victim of the plug. Instead, she was allowed to play over her allotted time.

Hill told the audience it was time to “straighten out the energy in here” as she launched into a Bob Marley cover. Spinner notes: “An enthusiastic sing-shout replaced Hill”s once-soulful voice on classics like “Everything Is Everything,”"Lost Ones” and “Ex-Factor.” The effect is still positive, listeners throwing arms in the air and dancing….”Jackass” star Bam Margera was spotted in the VIP area grooving along.”

Hill ended her set six minutes late. And unlike the abrupt end to Cee-Lo”s set, no one pulled the plug on her.

“Coachella!” she screamed. “I love you! We have to do this again!”

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