Expert Weighs In: Did Rose McGowan Get More Plastic Surgery?

Expert Weighs In: Did Rose McGowan Get More Plastic Surgery?

Expert Weighs In: Did Rose McGowan Get More Plastic Surgery? Rose McGowan has long been known for both her acting talent and her beauty, but on Wednesday”s episode of “Law & Order: SVU,” the actress showed off a dramatically different look (see photo at far left).

In 2007, McGowan was injured in a car accident that left her with a deep cut on her face, for which she has admitted to undergoing plastic surgery.

“I didn”t realize I was hurt until I put my hand to my face and felt the flap of skin. My glasses had sliced me under my eye,” she said following the incident.

While the accident and subsequent surgery left her with a barely visible scar beneath her right eye, by the time she was back on the big screen in “Grindhouse” that same year, her face looked noticeably different, causing many to speculate she had more than just reconstructive work done.

Dr. Jennifer Walden, a Manhattan plastic surgeon who has not treated McGowan, believes that the actress has had a number of procedures since her turn in the Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino-directed double feature that have led to her “done” look.

“The lower lid”s pulling down a bit,” Walden tells PopEater. “It”s a possibility that she had eyelid surgery and is blaming her lower lid drooping on having cut her eye.”
During her appearance on “SVU,” 37-year-old McGowan was virtually unrecognizable, seeming to have dramatically altered her gorgeous face even more since her initial visit to the plastic surgeon”s office. Not only did the actress look noticeably slimmer, her face appeared stiff and partially immobile.

“I think she”s had soft tissue fillers injected into her face, into her lips, her cheeks, and that has led to a more unnatural look,” says Walden, who believes that McGowan”s altered facial shape may be the result of jaw line fillers or a chin implant.

In addition, “It looks like in the past she”s had her nose done,” adds Walden. “The bridge has been narrowed, and the tip looks more refined.”

McGowan”s overworked face has also led to her appearing older than her 37 years.

“She has a crepey look to her skin, which is a lifestyle thing,” says Walden, who suggests that long hours on sets may be prematurely aging the actress. McGowan”s seeming penchant for facial fillers isn”t helping either. “Being over-injected early on can lead someone to look older than their stated age,” warns Walden.

Check out McGowan in “Law & Order: SVU.”


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