Fergie: New Solo Album Can Wait, It"s Hubby Time

Fergie: New Solo Album Can Wait, It"s Hubby Time

Fergie: New Solo Album Can Wait, It Fergie hopes you know that this has nothing to do with you. It”s personal — she”s got some figuring out to do.

Although only last year, the singer-actress said of her family life, “You can be a mother and still be completely sexy … [but] right now, I don”t want anything clouding my focus,” it seems she may have changed her tune.

The Dutchess recently announced that she”ll be taking some time off from her career as a solo hit-maker to get in touch with her domestic side — and hubby Josh Duhamel.

“I”ve got a lot on my plate and this year is more about simplifying and really paying attention to the projects that I have on my plate and spending some time with the hubby, you know” she told Access Hollywood.
The news couldn”t come sooner for Duhamel, who has been vocal in the past about wanting a large family with the Black Eyed Peas singer.

“I have always loved kids… I am happy with one, but I will take seven,” the actor told OK!

While Fergie may be looking forward to spending more time at home, don”t expect her to disappear from the limelight entirely — Simon Cowell recently announced that the “Glamourous” singer is in talks to become a judge on “X Factor.”

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