Friend: Kate Gosselin Shocked Jon"s Life Coach Is Suing Her

Friend: Kate Gosselin Shocked Jon"s Life Coach Is Suing Her

Friend: Kate Gosselin Shocked Jon
Reality star Kate Gosselin is mystified that she”s getting sued by her ex”s life coach, Dr. Sylvia Lafair, for allegedly not paying over $10,000 in marriage counseling fees to the Pennsylvania-based doc, with friends telling me the suit clashes with reality.

“How many times did Jon make it crystal clear that the ex-couple never had marriage counseling,” a friend of Kate”s tells me. “In several interviews, he blamed Kate”s refusal to seek counseling as one of the main factors that led up to their marriage falling apart. So how could Kate possibly owe this money”
Indeed, Jon told ABC back in 2009 that “I have a $22,000 therapy bill. I mean, I tried to have marriage counseling. I did it myself. She refused to go.”

The complaint was filed on March 28, 2011, by Creative Energy Options, claiming a total of $10,476 was still owed for services rendered in 2009 between Feb. 4 and March 23.

“Client requested Dr. Sylvia Lafair fly to Los Angeles California to perform marriage counseling then refused to pay for travel fees,” the filing reads.

“This doctor didn”t provide marriage counseling, she was Jon”s life coach. And we can all see how well that worked out,” an insider tells me. “If anyone owes her money it”s Jon. Although if I were him I would ask for my money back!”

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