Is Kate Middleton Smoking to Cope With Wedding Stress?

Is Kate Middleton Smoking to Cope With Wedding Stress?

Is Kate Middleton Smoking to Cope With Wedding Stress? With the wedding just weeks away, royal insiders have been worried about Kate Middleton”s shocking weight loss and now they are concerned that the future Queen of England is smoking again.

“Only Princess Diana could understand the amount of pressure this young girl is experiencing,” a royal expert tells me. “It”s been billed as the wedding of the century, when in realty it is just young kids that are at the center of it. No one should be put under this sort of pressure.”
Kate”s weight loss has meant the young lady has had to purchase an entire new wardrobe and even been forced to make alterations to her wedding dress to make sure it fits her new tiny body.

“The fact that she”s smoking again isn”t helping,” an insider tells me. “She has always enjoyed an occasional cigarette — which suppresses her appetite — and has tried to give it up several times as William hates it. However, as the wedding gets closer and closer, she is smoking more and more.”

Many members of the royal family smoke, but this is one nasty habit insiders tell me Kate is determined to stop after she ways “I do.”

Incidentally Kate will be the first royal bride to have a university education, the first to live with her husband before marriage, and the first to have fallen over at a roller disco in a pair of yellow hot pants.Follow Rob on Twitter for All the Latest Celebrity Dish


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