JWoww"s Ex-Boyfriend Alleges the "Jersey Shore" Star Stabbed Him

JWoww"s Ex-Boyfriend Alleges the "Jersey Shore" Star Stabbed Him

From unpaid booking fees to rumors of domestic violence, the accusations between “Jersey Shore” guidette Jenni “JWoww” Farley and her ex-boyfriend and manager, Tom Lippolis, have hit an all-time high.

In a video interview, the reality star”s ex told Star magazine that Farley stabbed him, resulting in 57 stitches in his arm.

“I looked down at my arm and my entire arm is cut open — she literally stabbed me with a knife,” Lippolis said.

The March 2010 altercation allegedly stemmed from an argument over Farley posing for a provocative photo with another woman, according to Radar. But this wasn”t the only time that a “normal relationship fight” escalated into a violent encounter, says Lippolis. He alleges that Farley once attacked him with a fireplace poker, leaving him with a scar on his right shoulder and multiple wounds along his right arm.
But Lippolis isn”t the only one alleging domestic abuse. According to the reality star”s ex, he”s speaking out because Farley initially made comments that he had physically abused her during their relationship.

“I don”t understand how she could be talking, accusing me of physically abusing her when the entire relationship she did nothing but physically abuse me [and] cheat on me,” Lippolis said.

He credits Farley”s overnight rise to fame for her dramatic turn.

“Once she got famous it just got to her head and she just became this complete horror,” he said.

But why is Lippolis only coming forward with these accusations of assault with a deadly weapon now And why did he not call the police after their March 2010 altercation, which lead to Lippolis” alleged stabbing He says the reason is a crazy thing called love: “Love does funny things to somebody. At that point I really was — call me crazy — in love with her.”

Things went downhill from there. In December 2010, Lippolis sued the guidette for unpaid booking fees, and in January 2011, he began shopping nude photos of Farley that revealed her pre-liposuction body.

But according to Lippolis” most recent interview with Star, his “heart was in a million different places, it really wasn”t in trying to get her in trouble. That was the last thing I wanted through all of this. This is why I usually stay quiet.”

Although it seems like Lippolis has done more than his fair share of dirt flinging when it comes to the “Jersey Shore” stunner, Farley has had a number of physical altercations caught on tape during her time at the shore house — three of which took place with her castmates.

According to Radar, JWoww”s rep had no comment about Lippolis” allegations.


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