Kings of Leon Bare Everything in "Talihina Sky"

Kings of Leon Bare Everything in "Talihina Sky"

Kings of Leon Bare Everything in

Their hard partying, Jack Daniels-swigging antics have been well documented in the press, but “Talihina Sky: The Story of Kings of Leon” gives us a side of the band we have never seen before. Their story is a unique one: three brothers — Caleb, Nathan and Jared Followill — team up with their cousin Matthew Followill to form one of the biggest modern day rock bands in the world. But their path to stardom deviates far from the strict religious upbringing their father imposed upon them as children when he uprooted the family time and again to work as a traveling preacher.
It”s a story that plays out here on film without sparing its audience a moment of the vomit- and alcohol-soaked, pants-down, cussing and fighting details. Stephen C. Mitchell, a close friend of the band, depicts their rise and the consequences of their surging success through home videos and captures a level of intimacy that can only come from the eyes of a friend. Check out Spinner”s interview with the director here.

Beyond telling their story, the film gives both fans, and even those who love to hate the Kings of Leon, a look at the four men behind the swashbuckling personas that is raw, emotional and, at times, cringe-worthy in its honesty.

PopEater caught up with the Followill brothers at the Tribeca Film Festival where “Talahina Sky” debuted as a work in progress to talk about putting it all out there, watching themselves onscreen and the most rock star thing they”ve ever done.


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