Michael Lohan Got "Great Therapy" — and $180K? — From Dr. Drew

Michael Lohan Got "Great Therapy" — and $180K? — From Dr. Drew

Michael Lohan Got
The artist formerly known as “Lindsay Lohan” paid more than $53,000 for her three-month stint at the Betty Ford Clinic, but her estranged father, Michael, reportedly got paid a staggering $180,000 to receive 21 days of treatment on Dr. Drew Pinsky”s “Celebrity Rehab.”

“No comment on the show, cast or what I made,” Michael told me, appearing to admit he did in fact get paid, adding, “I got great therapy and if that”s all I got, that would have been enough. Having 21 days with Dr. Drew and his team is priceless.”
Continuing, Michael added that he wishes “Dina would see [Dr. Drew], we all could, because if anyone can help individually or as a family, it”s him.” I”m not sure exactly what that last bit means, but I assume Michael is saying Dr. Drew has the ability to help us all.

In addition to Mr. Lohan, season five of “Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew,” again on VH1, will include Amy Fisher, Jeremy Jackson and Bai Ling. But even if the TV doctor has helped Michael with his anger management issues — Note: Michael was arrested March 21 on suspicion of domestic violence. He was later charged with a misdemeanor and claims it was his ex, Kate Major, who turned violent — he might not have Dr. Drew”s money for very long.

A family friend reveals to me that the child support collection unit shows Michael is five months behind on his payments to ex-wife Dina, regarding their two youngest kids, Ali and Cody. Add that the Nassau County Family Court also ordered Mike to pay health and dental bills, which exceed $30,000, as well as half of Ali”s private school tuition, and you get the picture that the beleaguered dad needs cash flow.

My source also says that Michael has been ordered to pay $1,500 a month to the mother of Ashley Horn, a 15-year-old who last year won the right to have Michael added to her birth certificate as her dad.

With all these expenses, along with taxes and manager fees, the “Rehab” money is long gone.

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