Michelle Williams Is Most Stylish Celebrity Mom

Michelle Williams Is Most Stylish Celebrity Mom

Michelle Williams Is Most Stylish Celebrity Mom

We know that babies are the best accessory in Hollywood. No starlet has truly made it until she has become a mom (Welcome to the club, January Jones). That means there are some mad stylish mamas out there in tinsel-town. We were reading one of the most talked about tomes of this spring, Piper Weiss” “My Mom The Style Icon” and we got to wondering who in Hollywood has the best mom style. We asked Weiss at her bash with Coach celebrating the release of her book to identify the Hollywood moms with the best fashion sense. The big winner: Michelle Williams, mom to the adorable Matilda.
Why is Michelle Williams your pick for most stylish mama in Hollywood
I like old things. I probably would have said Mia Farrow if she was still in Hollywood making the rounds, but Michelle is pretty much a modern day Mia in style. The mini frocks, the daytime jean Seberg striped shirts. She”s right out of another time, when people still used film and it took a long time before it developed. There”s something very romantic about it. It also adds to her mystique. She doesn”t look like she”s trying, which is especially important for “mom” style. When it comes to public perception of celebrities, you don”t want to look like you spent more time primping yourself than hanging with your kid.

Who is the next runner up
I”m currently obsessed with old Keith Moon photos. He was a dad, not a mom. But he did live in Hollywood in the 70s, rabble rousing with John Lennon, Ringo and a Monkee or two. I”m taking notes on his mod style, a T-shirt with a bulls-eye, a pair of pegged pants, and a bowl cut. I”m thinking he”s good inspiration for a mod look that could be adapted for women. I even just got a ladies bowl cut haircut in his honor – well his and Liza Minnelli”s.

Which mom has the worst style
I can”t say any mom has bad style. They have enough to deal with. The fact that anyone has kids and showers and gets dressed is more than I can I say for myself on some days and I”ve only got cats.

Who is your mom”s favorite celeb mom
She loves Jackie O, particularly during the Ari Onasis years when Jackie was doing the scarf around her head and the oversized Oleg Cassini glasses. My mother used to have a collection of Oleg Cassini glasses I would borrow every Halloween. She also loves Diana Ross and Natalie Wood.Follow Jo on Twitter


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