Pink Floyd"s David Gilmour and Roger Waters Reunite Onstage in London (Video)

Pink Floyd"s David Gilmour and Roger Waters Reunite Onstage in London (Video)

Pink Floyd
Those wishing for a Pink Floyd reunion perpetually need to be reminded not to hold their breath, however fans were right to anticipate an onstage collaboration between ex-bandmates Roger Waters and David Gilmour this year.

The pair previously announced that Gilmour would sit-in with Waters for one song at an unspecified date during Waters” current, worldwide “The Wall Live” tour, which was based largely on Pink Floyd”s 1980 “The Wall” tour. Most people assumed that the collaboration probably wasn”t going to happen during the U.S. leg of the tour last year.

The moment that everyone had been waiting for came — and passed all too quickly — on Thursday (May 12) at the O2 Arena in London.
NME reports that Gilmour joined Waters onstage for a rendition of “Comfortably Numb.” It was the first time that the pair performed together publicly since Pink Floyd briefly reunited for just three songs in 2005, as part of the massive Live 8 benefit concert, which was simulcast live around the world. Gilmour and Waters did, however, perform four songs together last year at a private benefit concert in front of just 200 extremely lucky guests.

London”s O2 Arena is making good on its stated intention to eclipse New York”s Madison Square Garden as the most famous and prestigious arena in the world — the O2 was also where Led Zeppelin chose to reunite, also for one show only, in 2007. And it was also going to be the home of Michael Jackson”s “This Is It” comeback run in 2009 which, of course, tragically never happened.

The reunion between Gilmour and Waters was suspiciously timed — it came during the same week that Pink Floyd launched a massive reissue and archival release campaign, which will feature a virtual treasure trove of unreleased material from the band”s heyday. No matter — when it comes to anything Pink Floyd, the more news, the better.

Watch David Gilmour Reunite With Roger Waters for “Comfortably Numb”

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