Rob Lowe Memoir Grazes Over Tumultuous Love Affair With Melissa Gilbert

Rob Lowe Memoir Grazes Over Tumultuous Love Affair With Melissa Gilbert

Rob Lowe Memoir Grazes Over Tumultuous Love Affair With Melissa Gilbert

In her 2010 tell-all memoir “Prairie Tale,” actress Melissa Gilbert revealed she had had three nose jobs by age 20, struggled with drugs and alcohol and shocked the world with pages and pages on her tumultuous love affair with Rob Lowe, including losing his child. Laura Ingalls all grown up. Now, Rob has released his own biography and, amazingly, it contains only a handful of passing mentions of her.

The book, “Stories I Only Tell My Friends,” hit shelves on Tuesday and is heavy on his Hollywood bromances with Charlie Sheen and Sean Penn, dining with Chris Farley and his eery connection with the 9/11 tragedy. An amazing and fun read, no doubt.
Much has been made of the fact “Stories” only grazes over his infamous (underage) sex tape, but a close inspection shows just as little attention on his former love, Melissa, whom he dated off and on for six years and proposed to.

A search using Google Books of both tell-alls surfaces 77 mentions of “Rob” in Melissa”s book, but only four “Melissa” shout-outs in “Stories.”

She writes that she “fell instantly, hopelessly and stupidly in love” with him and later talks about the anguish of losing him.

Oddly, the most he talks about her is when he describes how when her mom was keeping her from seeing him, he began spending more time with Sheen and his brother, Emilio Estevez.

There is no mention of the length and intensity of their relationship — which was filled with infidelities — nor their brief engagement and tragic miscarriage.

It”s a far cry from Melissa”s description of losing their child in “Prairie Tale.” After praising Rob for vowing to stand by whatever decision she made, she described waking up one day with blood on her sheets.

“Scared, I finally told my mother what was going on and she took me to my doctor. He did an ultrasound and told me that I was having a miscarriage. I went home in a daze and let nature take its course. I called Rob and told him what had happened. He seemed relieved. We made an attempt at a conversation but it was too sad.”

She later writes about the tragedy, “There was nothing left for me to do afterwards but go home and face reality. I had lost the baby and my relationship with Rob. Now I was completely, totally alone, and it hurt like hell.”

I”ve left messages for comment from reps for both Rob and Melissa, but a friend of the actress tells me she”s “devastated” by the apparent slight.

“Of course Melissa has read it,” a friend of the actress tells me. “She”s devastated that someone who meant so much to her, someone who dominated her young life, doesn”t think she was as important to him as he was to her.”


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