Robert Lucas of "The Doctors" Investigated By California Medical Board

Robert Lucas of "The Doctors" Investigated By California Medical Board

Robert Lucas of The doctor is in — but not for long, it seems. reports that Robert Lucas, featured on CBS hit “The Doctors,” is being investigated by the California Physician Assistant Committee in an attempt to determine whether or not Lucas is fit to practice medicine.

Lucas, a physician”s assistant to plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon, was arrested twice for DUI in 2008 and pleaded guilty each time.

Lucas paid a hefty fine, spent three weeks behind bars and was ordered to serve five years probation.
In the request handed down to the medical board, California”s attorney general cited unlawful use of alcohol, conduct that would warrant denial of a certificate, general unprofessional conduct and convictions of crime substantially related to the practice of a physician assistant as the reasons for the investigation.

Prior to his trouble in California, Lucas had his physician”s assistant license temporarily suspended in Connecticut after he was found to be administering Botox injections without a doctor present. Just days after his full license was restored by that state, the New York Board for Professional Medical Conduct placed conditions on his license, issuing him a censure and reprimand.

If the results of the upcoming California hearing do not favor Lucas, his license could be revoked or suspended, and he may be ordered to cover the cost of the state”s investigation.

Watch Robert Lucas and Dr. Ordon on “The Doctors”:


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