Roger Ebert on Ryan Dunn: "Friends Don"t Let Jackasses Drink and Drive"

Roger Ebert on Ryan Dunn: "Friends Don"t Let Jackasses Drink and Drive"

Roger Ebert on Ryan Dunn:
After a photo of Ryan Dunn drinking with two friends was posted to his Twitter account (but has since been removed) just hours before the fatal car wreck that took his own and his passenger”s life, suspicions that Dunn was intoxicated before getting behind the wheel have begun to circulate.

The twittersphere has been buzzing with rumblings of Dunn”s potential DUI ruling — although, at this point, a police report categorizes the tragedy as an “Auto Accident” rather than a “DUI” — included in which film critic, Roger Ebert shared his take on the accident.
“Friends Don”t let jackasses drink and drive,” Ebert tweeted.

Although a formal conclusion as to whether or not Dunn was over the legal alcohol consumption level will have to wait until his autopsy results are revealed, according TMZ, a source who was at the bar, Barnaby”s of America in West Chester, with Dunn, the “Jackass” star was “wasted” and “had a lot to drink.”

But according to another source, Dunn consumed three Miller Lites and three “girlie shots” in almost a four hour time frame and was “not too drunk to drive.”

The name of Dunn”s deceased passenger has yet to be disclosed and will be released pending autopsy results and positive identification.


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