Tracy Morgan Says Alec Baldwin Hasn"t Told Him He"s Leaving "30 Rock"

Tracy Morgan Says Alec Baldwin Hasn"t Told Him He"s Leaving "30 Rock"

Tracy Morgan Says Alec Baldwin Hasn
Alec Baldwin caused a stir earlier this month by announcing the end of “30 Rock” as we know it. He quickly retracted and made it clear that it was he who was leaving and that he hoped for “five more seasons” of the quirky comedy. One of his costars, Tracy Morgan, tells PopEater that “Alec didn”t tell anyone he was leaving” and that as far as he knows the “show is going on.” In fact, Tracy reveals “30 Rock,” which just aired its 100th episode, will be headed to syndication in September. We mixed business with pleasure in our free-wheeling chat with Morgan, who talks about the “inspiring” message in his new movie “Rio,” takes on Donald Trump”s latest obsession and then gives a full-throated endorsement for having children when you”re young (He”s 42. His kids are 26, 24 and 19).

“You”ve got society telling young boys and girls not to have kids,” he says. “I grew up with my kids. I wasn”t 50 years-old when I decided to have my child so I can”t play because I”ve got arthritis or we don”t listen to the same music, we don”t relate … No, have your children when you”re young and grow.”
What”s happening with “30 Rock” Alec Baldwin is leaving, right
I don”t know what”s going on with Alec. You have to ask Alec. I”m staying and I haven”t heard anything about Alec leaving. The show is going on. We did 100 episodes. That don”t happen no more with TV shows. We”ve done a mission. We”ve accomplished our obligation to the world of comedy. We”ll be on five times a week starting this September and that”s awesome. Alec didn”t tell anyone he was leaving; we”re still on a mission. We”re fine, we”re still in shape. Trust me you”re hearing it from the horse”s mouth, I don”t care what the media is saying.

You”re doing a standup tour.
Oh, yeah it”s going to be nice.

Do you road test your material before you go out on the road
That”s not my process. Everything is happening, everything is relevant. There are things happening every day. I have an idea of what I want to talk about but there are things happening and my mind is open. Why would I get locked into something when you”ve got Joe Biden falling asleep Why would I be locked into one particular thing

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Your sons are grown up; do they like to hang out with you
One is 26, one is 24 and one is 19. I raised my kids so my kids don”t miss me. I don”t neglect my kids. I wasn”t some father who wasn”t there. My sons whenever they want to see me they”ve got the keys to my house but they”ve got their own lives, their own girlfriends, their own problems with their girlfriends.

Do they ask for your advice
Sure, absolutely. What son wouldn”t ask his father for advice They don”t know it all. I”m older than them. I”m their Dad, that”s what I”m there for, I”m there to guide them and give them insight so they have the proper guidance. I”m a great father. I”m a very loving parent. Their moms is the best. We love our kids. I”m Tracy Morgan, son of Jimmy Morgan and I don”t goof around with my kids. We laugh about things normal families laugh about. They”re not my fans or my audience, they”re my sons. So I take care of mine. How can I do showbiz and have all of these blessings going for me and be a crappy father That don”t make sense to me. My priority is God, me, family and then business and all that other stuff. All that other stuff people want to rap about to me really ain”t that important.

Didn”t you have a problem with a fish tank in your apartment
It caught fire. One of the light bulbs was faulty.

That”s so bizarre. Did it put you off having a fish tank ever again
It”s not a crisis. None of my fish died. We just got a new fish tank and it”s awesome. I”ve had fish my whole life, why would I stop Because of a fire I mean things happen, I don”t bug out. I survived crack! I”m from the hood. I survived one Reagan and two Bushes. This thing ain”t gonna stop me!

Speaking of Presidents, what do you think of Trump hounding President Obama about his birth certificate
Tell him I”ve got it and it”s in Brooklyn and if he wants to see it come and get it. Let”s see if his ass will come down to Brooklyn and get it. He needs to leave the President alone, he”s the President. Come on man nobody got no time for Donald Trump. Go build buildings, go play with your Lego set. We don”t give any credence to that.

What do you do in your spare time
I”m a homebody. I like to chill out. I”m a normal guy. I don”t do anything too crazy. I”m 42 years old. If I want to fly over the cuckoo”s nest I”ll do that on “30 Rock.”

Have you got a girlfriend
I”m single right now. I”m just hanging out, chilling out.

You”re very eligible.
Oh that”s cool, thank you for saying that. Hey listen if you want a shot at the title you can get a shot at the title. I”ll promote the fight for you but if I give you a shot at the title you”ve got to get in the ring and fight.

Describe yourself.
I”m very spiritual. I avoid corruption, corruption of the soul and the mind and my father blessed me with great insights. Insight provides us with the proper guidance.

It”s hard not to be corrupted by showbiz.
It”s not hard, that”s just an excuse. Life is what you make of it. If life is hard then you”ve got to look at the mistakes you”re making because as you get older life is supposed to get easier, that”s what wisdom is for, that”s what knowledge is for, that”s what understanding is for. But people make it hard because they”re insane; they keep doing the same things over and over again expecting different results so they get disappointed. You”ve got to make the change. Michael Jackson said it to us, you”ve got to make that change, you”ve got to start with the man in the mirror. It”s easy to point a finger; it”s too easy, make the change. I know it”s hard, let it be hard that”s what makes us adults. Making decisions. Decisions shouldn”t be easy. You”re not a baby.

Tracy you”ve got your next book. A self-help book.
Well that”s how I feel. That”s what my father used to talk to me about. I don”t have the biggest university education. I don”t care about that. You can have a PhD and be a dummy. What I do have is insight and insight provides us with the proper guidance.

Your words are really inspiring.
That”s what this movie “Rio” is all about. Love is inspiring. If you love somebody enough you”ll do things you didn”t think you could do. I did, got out of the projects and all that stuff because I love my family so that made me go to the next lesson. You”ve got society telling young boys and girls not to have kids; you can have kids at a young age. I grew up with my kids. I wasn”t 50 years old when I decided to have my child so I can”t play because I”ve got arthritis or we don”t listen to the same music, we don”t relate, there”s the gap and the disconnect and there”s the problem. No, have your children when you”re young and grow. The problem is we got to stop putting black people and Latino people and white people in jail and start teaching them how to learn. Start curing the problem instead of treating the symptoms. You know how illiteracy is so big in this country, so what do they do Instead of curing the problem they put the number in McDonald”s with the picture because it”s easy to say. “Let me get a number one,” because half the people can”t read the menu. So we need to start teaching our youth but its tough because the economy got to where both the mother and father are out to work. So now you”ve got Lil Kim teaching your daughter when you”re supposed to be there. I thank God I was able to make enough money in my life where the mother of my children didn”t have to work so she was always there consistently. There was always a parent in the house because you can”t love a child today and not love them tomorrow because you had to work overtime. Children don”t understand that. They want to know why Mommy and Daddy ain”t there.

There are things in this country that need to be given precedent instead of worrying if I drink. I”m just a comedian. I”m not Charlie Sheen. Charlie Sheen ain”t funny to me. I think that”s a train wreck and I feel bad for his two little kids because they”re the bodies being pulled out of the train wreck. What”s going to happen to them But everybody thinks it”s a joke. While this asshole is going on stage making a fool of himself his kids are going to suffer and don”t even know it because this is a cycle of abuse.

Publicist cuts in. Hey it”s about time to wrap up.
[Tracy] I hope you got everything baby. It”s called insight.


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