Video: It"s a Surprise Double Elimination on "American Idol"

Video: It"s a Surprise Double Elimination on "American Idol"

Video: It There”s something fishy going on this season on “American Idol.” There”s a pattern forming with these eliminations that could prove very disconcerting for certain remaining contestants.

As established last night, because of the judges” save of Casey Abrams last week, not one but two contestants will get to see their video package as their time on “Idol” comes to an end. The good news is they”ll both get to go on tour, but for now their time on the show is coming to an end.

It was a little strange that Ryan Seacrest still trimmed us to the bottom three. From there, he simply announced that one of them was safe and eliminated the other two at the same time. Which one is in eleventh place, Ryan Who got more votes, but still not enough

Naima Adedapo”s reggae performance must not have resonated with audiences, while Thia Megia may have sung one ballad too many. Both are not strangers to the bottom three, but Paul McDonald was new to the stools.

But for fans of McDonald, his time in the bottom three was short-lived as he was sent to safety, and the girls were sent packing. That makes it four girls in a row sent packing. Considering the girls started with a 7-6 advantage in the top 13, it”s a little surprising they”re getting cut so quickly.

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